Retail and other commercial businesses benefit greatly from having a cash management partner that can provide robust financial management products and services.

Cash transportation, cash management and smart safes all form part of a comprehensive service package which frees up valuable time and resources.

At Loomis we can enable retailers to accept and process cash quickly and easily - providing payment choice and flexibility for customers. This makes it easy for your customers to pay in the way they choose, creates good will and brand loyalty - and it also has the potential to generate extra business and attract new customers.

Working with Loomis removes the requirement for you to reconcile, transport, deposit and manage your cash takings - reducing the risk of theft and enhancing the safety of your team by removing the need to personally transport and bank cash. No more trips to the bank!


No more trips to the bank

We’ll collect and deliver your cash so you will never need to travel to the bank!

Streamlined cash-handling

Your cash-handling and reconciliation time will be substantially reduced thanks to our effective in-house cash processing solutions. 

Risk prevention

From reducing personal risk to your employees, to lessening shrinkage and providing insurances, Loomis' secure processes reduce risk  at all levels.

Robust online monitoring

Our customers can track cash activity and export reports at any time. The Loomis platform provides accurate information at your fingertips


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