Cash Transportation

Despite the rise in digital transactions, cash still remains a vital method of payment in Belgium and many businesses are dedicated to accepting cash both now and well in the future. Numerous organisations consider cash to be a vital revenue stream and millions of payments are made in cash each and every day. The challenge of transporting and depositing this daily flow of cash can be daunting but Loomis is here to help.

Loomis has developed a comprehensive package of cash-in-transit services; to ensure a safe and timely service for money on the move. Whether your organisation is in the retail, hospitality, leisure, or banking sector, we'll ensure your cash takings are collected, transported and deposited in a secure and efficient manor. 





€4,75 billion

Cash Amount Transported



With a 160 year global history, and almost 10 years operating as Loomis in Belgium , our experience and expertise in securely transporting cash speaks for itself. Our operations are fundamental to the payment eco-system, serving numerous retail outlets, banks and financial institutions, and ensuring the flow of cash through society via our national ATM fulfillment service.

Specialised Fleet

Loomis' reliable fleet of vehicles and expert driver guard crew will securely and efficiently collect your cash with minimum fuss and disruption at your site. Our cash collections and deliveries reduce the risk to your team members, who may otherwise be required to transport the cash themselves, and ensures your money is safe whilst on the move.


Trusting Loomis with your cash logisitics has immediate and important benefits; trips to the bank are eliminated, saving valuable personnel time and, of course, you and your team members are no longer in the potentially risky position of carrying large sums of money.


Classic Collect

Pick-up of notes up to € 250 000.

No material will be installed of Loomis at the customer.

Fast and secure cash transport in your back office.

Classic Collect & Delivery

Pick-up and Delivery of notes up to € 250 000.

Smart key and wall-unit will be installed which works on batteries.

Fast and secure cash delivery and pick-up in your back office.

Classic Collect & Delivery by boxes

Pick-up and Delivery of notes up to € 250 000.

An intelligent ink box will be installed at the customer, which can be used as a vault or safe to store your notes.

Ideal solution when you do not have a separate and lockable back-office.

Coin Transport

Up to 60kg per stop

Pick up and delivery of coins at the same time as Note Transport.

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