Cash 24/7

If you want to know more about the benefits of having an ATM in your business, retail outlet or even nearby, you’re in the right place!

Cash 24/7 is Loomis’ own ATM brand, developed to meet the needs of any business or organisation that wishes to provide easy access to cash for everyone - and in locations where it is useful and needed.





€4,75 billion

Cash Amount Transported


End-to-End Solution

Loomis will take care of the whole process, working with you to specify your service package through to installation and getting you up and running – with no additional charge for IT services.

Cash accessibility

For many retailers, cash is still the payment method of choice for a high percentage of their customers, so providing easy access to cash makes great business sense. And as a business you will also be providing a valuable public service by giving equal access to cash for everyone.


Cash 24/7 provides the means to access cash easily and conveniently – and potentially an incentive to spend money - benefitting retailers, shopping centres, hospitality and local governments.


Cash 24/7 has great business benefits too. An ATM attracts people traffic and when people have easy access to cash, they are more likely to be eager and able to spend money. Small purchases such as coffee and snacks are made easier with cash - and they all add up for businesses.

Cash 24/7 offers both domestic and foreign currency, a bonus for tourists, foreign nationals and expats. And it’s great for airports, popular shopping areas and administrative institutions.

Choose Loomis for Cash 24/7, and we will take care of all the logistics, providing a full installation and maintenance service. With Loomis Cash 24/7, you can fully outsource your ATM services knowing that Loomis’ ATM experience will ensure a comprehensive and efficient service.

Our End-to-End solution offers you a total outsourced ATM

  • Replenishment
  • Cash in transit
  • Cash management
  • Second Level Maintenance
  • Real-time monitoring & service desk
  • First level maintenance
  • Forecasting
  • Recycling
  • ATM Software
  • IT hosting and operations
  • Transactions switch and monitoring
  • Reconciliation
  • Hardware

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